ERP Integration with Ecommerce and Warehouse

The project involved connecting different platforms to capture all business transactions into ERP (online sales, warehouse despatches, invoices).

Technologies involved

Main software integrated

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Sage 200

The company was using Sage 200 ERP for the management of sales, orders, purchasing of stock. The stock was not tracked and the ERP was not connected to other solutions.

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Delta WMS

The 3rd party warehousing partner was using Delta WMS for managing customers orders, dispatching orders and shipping to customers. A closer integration with ERP was needed

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Webselect Ecommerce

The company was using WebselectEcommerce platform for the management of online orders. A link existed between the Ecommerce platform and the Warehouse but not with the ERP 

Project Details

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Integration at Lily's Kitchen

[Photo: courtesy of Lily's Kitchen.] The established business pet food manufacturer needed to get full traceability of its stock through Sage, connect Ecommerce transactions to Sage and increase its use of Sage 200 to capture the full Purchase to Pay Cycle.

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Photo of meeting with clients