ERP Implementation - Beauty

Implementation of Cloud Open source ERP software: Set up an IT infrastructure and business processes that will enable the growth of the organisation.

Project Details

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Allow promissing start-up to grow

The start-up cosmetics manufacturer needed to implement an ERP and a website and advise on how to structure their supply chain (from production management to product delivery). The project spanned 2 months, had a value of about £5000, and involved a team of 3 people (2 in the company, 1 external web developer).

I used Odoo ERP (Website, Manufacturing). I advised the company on a scalable ERP system integrating Ecommerce  website, manufacturing, sales and invoicing to structure processes. I set up the ERP with system users.

I liaised with programmer for the website design. I conducted trainings on the system, website module, sales modules, stock module and MRP functionalities.